try ngee-ing the alphabet.

Friday, June 30, 2006


Hiya, i shall post since i havent post for very long le...
Today's youth day celebration was just as normal as the past few years. The only thing that's different was that i played in the soccer game against teachers. Basically we underestimated them, cus we thought they will be tired le, so we anyhow play, putting me (a right-legger) on the left flank which means i need to use my left leg. Worst still, i was dehydrated and just basically not focusing well lar, thats why all of us so screwed up. But i didnt make any mistakes, just that i think the teachers go drink brand's essence during the break or something and came back like some super angry team looking for a revenge on a team mostly made up of sec 3's. =) but nvm, at least we held them to a draw, and i must say the last penalty was completely crap with the teacher DIVING in our box and the referee awarding a crappy penalty, and i am sure there's such a word as retributuion, so Mr Wong's shot just got saved.. muahaha
My knee (ngeeee) is fine, dunno why also. its just pain at random times, sometimes when im sitting down then kena that sharp pain for no reason also... thats why i feel its weird and i dont think this knee of mine can last any longer past the age of 20. So must play more soccer now. =) Many years of staircase climbing completely wear out the joints le. FYI, i live in NTU hostel on the 7th floor with no lift =.= and the laundry, kitchen, reading room whatsoever is on the first floor, so when i go there and back, i need to go down 7 stories and climb back up again. Probably you will understand better if you visit my house(or should i say hostel). Thanks for all your concern..
Zab and ame wearing green today and doing the ngee hand-sign at me when i was in the room just freaked me out completely..hehe.. please warn me before hand and not pop out of nowhere all of a sudden next time.
Oh yar, one more thing. I will also like to apologise to some year 5 which i dont know your name. I also dont know if it was my fault. But this is what happen. Before the match we were having some kind of briefing outside the new audi when i actually scared some year 5 walking behind me. My back is facing the pond outside the audi in front of the front office... So i just turned around and said something then he literally fell into the pool and came out whole body wet... he also broke two tiles (you all can go and see tomorrow). I think his handphone and all the money in his wallet doom liao, but i seriously didnt know he was behind me at the point of time..
And during IB symposium talk just now, some speaker said something ultra funny. "I used to come from a class which is not very good, ie bottom in level. Just like most of my classmates." i mean obiously your classmates are in the same class as you, which means they also come from a class which is not very good...And he didnt even realise his mistake. lol
Rehearsel on sat at 10. Seeing most of you at 9 though, till then, i shall continue to eat, play, sleep and day-dream. One whole week of symposium coming up.. sigh

Thursday, June 29, 2006

i will remember april.

Today during recess, moonie showed me this very interesting piano jazz book with famous songs in it. And one of them was "I will remember april".

It struck me, and i stared at it for a long time. I wonder how the piece sounded like.

It's funny how such a simple sentence can mean different things to different people.

Practically life-changing...changing for the better.

For richer for poor, in sickness and in health. oh well.


U know the clothes u wear traps the smells of the day. In the morning when i put on my uniform, it carries the scent of my soap. And when its recess, u walk out of the SAC smelling of wantan mee, meepok, rice and green tea all mixed together. Basically, u smell like food. And after pe u walk into a class filled with someone's deodourant. You come out smelling the same; the smell just grows on u.

I wonder if people are like that. Have u wondered if u were a smell, would u be a scent?

or a stench?


And another thing: bryan's msn nickname inspired this.

"Whoever loves first
Loves long,
But He who loves us
Loves forever."


Tuesday, June 27, 2006


ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch my eye.

The same eye the gabriel poked feels like it has been jabbed again.

ahhh. ouch!

I'm so screwed up. I have a swollen eye, the other eye had a third eyelid today, i have an ulcer in my mouth.


Boon lay men conversation number 1

Hmm, today was my first encounter with Mr pohboi aka Poh Soon Kai. hehe. I met him at dover mrt on my way back home from MEP and his first reaction was, dont tel me you're the.. then i said Ngee. And he replied, Oh gosh... lol. Guess he didnt expect it was me, since he missed my wonderfull Dr Lee Li Eng Speaker of the year award speech.. nvm, should not recall this, wait i cry again. And then we started off describing our terrirory, yes the west for those who didnt know.
*Ms Ng got mixed up between east and west today =) she was like saying east of Africa, theres Ghana, Senegal. and then Joash was like madam, i think its west...btw, africa music is complicated... much worst than indonesia de, maybe not used to their culture.
Back to the topic, we were also commenting on those who said the New Police Acad was a ULU place, mind you, its close to where i stay, and i can tell you its not at all ULU for those who are familiar with our area, so please dont come to a conclusion before knowing the facts...
Then was the ultimate ngeeing story, how it came about, what you all did in Kunming, the carlsberg and Mr carl Yan with his incredible mountain climbing episodes, the npainting of the roof, the children ngeeing randomly and the mountain with the coolio ngee echoe. basically it was everything. And this may make my journey home sound a bit long, but actually its not. Althought the walk to berth 9 to take 199 is, and the waiting of the bus (average time).
Then it was over when we arrive at WESTwood secondary where he need to alight. =) didnt know we can make new friends through blog, especially with someone older than me. pohboi is a funny person, just cant make me stop laughing. NGEEEEEEE! hope to see you again. hehe

Monday, June 26, 2006

child people 2

"You cannot love," she had said to him, and he had agreed with her, and had likened himself to a star and the child people to falling leaves, and yet he sensesed a rebuke in her words. Indeed, he had never been able to lose himself completely in anyone else, give himself completely to another person, forget himself, commit follies of love for someone else. He had never been able to do these things, and this had struck him as the great gap between him and the child people.

But now that his son was here, now he, Siddhartha, too, had become a child person, suffering for someone else, loving someone else, lost in a love, a fool for love."

This is quite amazing. Its my first time coming across a book that praises the follies of love.

That made me feel better already. x)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Random...Just like the rest =)

Sigh, I'm not suffering from depression anyway, and I'm feeling much better after consulting zab the wise =) Just didn't know what happen to me yesterday morning. Maybe because of World Cup. I watched "I Not Stupid 2" last night - Ultra good show, with tonnes of humour at the start, and a very touching ending. You guys should watch it right after your exams bah.
I just came upon this quote, a meaningful one which make us thing twice. For instance, we should always look at something with different perspectives, and spare a thought on others even though it may be beneficial to you. This is how it goes: I'm sure all of you heard before the early bird catches the worm. But have we cared about what will happen to the worms who wake up early...they die =)
Piano lesson in the morning, violin lesson in the afternoon. Still wondering whether i should come home after that. Enjoy what's left of this holiday, and reflect upon what have we done throughout this entire month. Thank you all for your concern, i'm not touching my violin until afternoon today, then i see how it goes...
God bless

Saturday, June 24, 2006

A broken spirit
And a contrite heart
You will not despise
You will not despise

You desire truth
In the inward parts
A broken spirit
And a contrite heart.

Lord, my heart is prone to wander
Prone to leave the God I love
Here's my heart
Lord, take and seal it
Seal it for Your courts above.

Oh Lord let me be true to you in my innermost parts.
And seal me Lord.
Seal my heart.

lost and confused...

Have you ever got lost in your own pool of thoughts, thinking that what you have just saw or felt might not be true and real at all? I just did this morning. Sigh. Time might be a good healing tool, and everything will just fall into place with the advancement of time, but it may be equally betraying too. Whatever that is within our grasp, we should just treasure it, dont wait until we lose it, hen start to regret. The world is a deceiving place, never trust anyone, not even yourself, what you see and what you think. If you think that there is destiny, think of another way to change this destiny. You might feel that you are still young, perhaps 16 or 17 and that there is another 3/4 of your life left, think again. No matter how courages you are, one might still fail at times, especially when meeting with the most fragile thing of our life. How do we know that we even exist in this world, and that the people around us are actually people and not some other things. Why did the word mis-communication appear in our dictionary?
The more i think, the more confuse i became, and what makes me sad is actually the end of everything. Trust in the way of the lord, for he has a purpose in everyone of us.
Thanks for reading this random post, my fingers still hurt... =(

the child people

I think this is how Siddharta felt when he realised all the years of searching for life's philosophy had become futile; because after all the searching, he realised he could not attain the wisdom of the innocent, fearless, child people.



He was born, privileged
Being taught all that could be taught
Knowing all that he could know
Living as how he should live.

He set out, looking
Seeking for the truth
Longing for the answer
To life’s great enigma.

He sat down, thinking
With the truth seemingly elusive
He starved, waited and thought
Ignoring, abandoning his senses

He looked up, watching
The children laughing
The farmers singing
The lovers loving.

He got up, yearning
To see what they saw
To feel what they felt
To believe what they believed.

He broke down, weeping
As the years of searching
Brought him to a state of unfeeling
No warmth, no love, no hope.

He could not feel
How it felt to laugh
How it felt to love
How it felt to live.

He sat down, resigned
To the innocence
To the fearlessness
To the untouchable wisdom
Of the child people.

Friday, June 23, 2006

let's talk bio.

Today's chamber rehearsal was so screwed!! cos of the silly construction workers drilling like mad the whole time. Mr chan was quite mad and dismissed us half an hr early (excluding break time). Then we were all stunned and didnt register, cos rehearsal started at 830 in the we all just remained at our seats and stoned for awhile. Mr chan had to shoo us away. LoL.

Anyway, oli and i decided to mug bio. and here's how we rmb the process of photosynthesis:

the light-dependent stage

Firstly, light shines on JEAN GREEN's chlorophyll pigment. JEAN GREEN's chlorophyll molecule absorbs a photon of light, and then one electron of hers becomes high and gets excited! It jumps up and yells"NGEEE!!!" before going back to its original position. This jostles the other GREEN neighbours and the energy is passed to the reaction centre of photosystem II (P680). An electron from the reaction centre then jumps up and yells "NGEEE!" so loudly tt it gets accepted by the primary electron receptor! The receptor propells the NGEEE-ing electron (which is super hyper by now, just like yanhan, haha) down the Electron Transport Chain (ETC). It goes "NGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" all the way down until its exhausted. It reaches photosystem I (P700) and at the reaction centre, a photon causes the electron to become high again! It then goes "NGEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee" all the way down another ETC, reducing NADP+ to NADPH.

The continuous supply of super high and excited electrons comes from the splitting of water.

the light-independent stage (calvin cycle)

The Calvin cycle starts with carbon fixation, where 3RuBP + 3C from carbon dioxide = 6PGA. Then, with ATP and oxidation of NADPH to NADP+, 6G3P are formed. They are the invulnerable team of xmen!! magNGEEto, jean green, joshuanaught, cyclops, shadowcat & storm! However, somewhere in the middle, shadowcat (aka bryan) decides to pangseh the group and leaves the cycle -_-' Therefore, 2 Bryans = 1 glucose. haha. The disgruntled group of 5 xmen carry on their journey in the cycle, and using ATP, they revert to become RuBP again, which is recycled. Bryan will pangseh them 1 out of every 6 times of the cycle. Bio students, go figure out why. xD


Hahahahaha i know its super random, and incomprehendsible to non-bio students, but hahaha! who cares. this blog is random anyway and oli and i will have a good laugh :)

The power of ngee...

hi all...
Holiday rehearsels finally ended, bad news for me... i'm sort of committed to it already, so i actually will be missing rehearsels if it stops for too long.. someone help me.
Hmm... like to thank amelia for agreeing to accompany me for O level mep exam. Hehe. During yesterday's sight-reading session, she is actually owning me. i think im the one strugging. sigh.. too pro le. but today was different, she became even proer! lucky i practise my parts, or else the accompanist will be on an owning spree and then i will just die and give up.. so maybe after the exam treat you to lunch or something... now just concentrate on your exams then we work on the rest after it.. we still have time anyway =)
regarding the mad laughing session in the new audi, and zab tearing... its just that she cannot control herself and go siao le. but as chan said, its my fault, so nvm.. i take the blame. =.= although i still cant figure out why i was wrong. just now she still force me to walk with her to the bus-stop cus she said she was scared of dont know what.. sigh.. and then on the bus she laughed to herself and people thought she has gone mad. so with those evidence, i can draw one conclusion, she's high.. muahaha.
Monday report to school by 7.00. woohoo. wake up call anyone?

Thursday, June 22, 2006


The Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Philharmonic Orchestra


Mendelssohn & Beethoven's
Fifth Symphonies

Date: 29th July 2006, Saturday
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Tan Chin Tuan Auditorium (new one)

Tickets @ $8 and $10

Grab them now from any orchestra member! :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

sorry for being such a lousy sl.

apologies to everyone else for wasting your time.

please keep practising.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

richard and his birds, and other random stories

after my sight-seeing tour, im indeed a bit high. but ame missed out one point about the birds thingy... before lunch, we were talking about richard and his 10,000 birds (for those who are lost, go visit - or in short, its the visa card where that little one to buy 5 birds but only had enough money 1. so richard bought the rest...erm, we were eating the birds(sweets) we bought from the dover station mini-mart, and slowly minus-ing from 10,000. Then ame said: "2 stupid chinese ate all the birds..." at least we are controlling the bird shit problem =)

On another note, since so many people asked me about cartoon stuff, i shall post in this post...
Donald duck's original name is donald fauntleroy Duck. woohoo long sia. and he is 72 years old =.=
Garfield is 28. some young cat...Big bird, the one is sesame street is around 30...those characters in cars are like 1 month old...simba and nala (lion king) is 12 this year...mickey mouse is 78, lucky minnie is same age as him too. wonder when did they marry each other...

I nearly lose my temper just now during sectionals.. im not blaming anyone, just then i kept asking myself to tahan. i need to like triple task at the speed of pentium 10000. its super tiring, especially with gabriel beside me who sort of knows everything... and the worst part is i keep getting lost. sigh. terzetto for my section is too hard for me to handle. thats why i guess i still cant be section leader yet... zab, please help me... practise please everyone. with a metronome. at least i never got mad just now, otherwise dont know what will happen =)

With that in mind, i shall continue practising paganni moto perpetuo.. sigh... heifetz please teach me...see you all tomorrow

looking for sponsorships - episode 6 (concluding episode)

Hi guys! this is the sixth and the final episode of the x-mens' hunt for concert sponsors.

Rehearsal ended at 1pm today. Our dear narrator, Hamilton was so frustrated with terzetto till he wanted to disrupt!!

"I want to disrupt! I want to DISRUPT!"

It was also a rainy, freezing day and jean green was frozen even in her long pants and turtleneck. haha. And then they were all very hungry. So magNGEEto, hammie, jean green, joshuanaught and carl went to clementi to eat.

Yes, clementi. Where we meet the strange woman. haha.

Anyway, carl was taking a super long time to decide what to eat and after our meal, joshuanaught went to buy chocolate cake. The SAME chocolate cake that jean green ate in one of the episodes to IMM; the chocolate cake tt made her walk super fast and become super high! sugar rruuusssh! haha. AND JOSHUANAUGHT ATE IT.

guess what....he gave tt silly face of his and magNGEEto and jean green disrupted instead. lololol xD

haha yesterday magNGEEto set a new record of being more hyper than jean green after sharing a hershey's sundae pie chocolate cake. lol. That's as good as entering the guiness book of records!

Anyway, after lunch, magNGEEto and joshuanaught and carl left. So only hamilton and jean green were left to do the sponsorship work. Our ever-efficient hamilton already went to and located our target: Accent Music at 66 Jalan Jurong Kechil Road, JK Building. This is called GG Efficiency! So all thanks to hammie, we had no problem getting there.

The only problem was waiting for the bus. But as before, jean green solved all that. haha hammie and jean green were at dover mrt bus stop eating sweet. Then hammie got impatient and asked jean green to order the bus to come. So jean green said "74 please come". Guess what?! in the next 30seconds 74 came ;p wahahaha.

However, when we were at the shell station waiting for another bus jean green's powers didnt work very well =/ maybe it was because after we took the bus and alighted three stops away, we realised that we could have walked there. So in the end we had to walk backwards, almost reaching the second bus stop -___-'

But we finally reached JK building. As expected, they said they'll think about it and i really hope they advertise. I think they should too, cos their shop is quite undetectable.

So hamilton and jean green head home on this rainy, sleepable day...jean green was probably half asleep because she forgot she had to cross the road to take the bus home until hammie started crossing the road. Haha. But in the end, she got on the right bus. Hammie followed, even though it was the 'wrong' bus. So, he ended up going on a sight-seeing tour round Bukit Panjang estate before reaching Bukit Panjang LRT, and then reaching Choa Chu Kang MRT, then Jurong East, then Boon Lay, then bus 199 then NTU. hahaha. that's one long sight-seeing tour indeed!

Such a sleep-able day today. magNGEEto is most probably taking a nap as we speak.

yawn. Apparently the sweets at dover mrt didnt do much good this time =p

So this episode concludes the series of looking for sponsors =) The End!

Monday, June 19, 2006

uncomfortable lethargy

i guess i should more post more entries now since i have the time. dont think there'll be much opportunity once term reopens.

today just didnt feel right. did it feel left? no i doubt so too. bah. bad joke. pardon me.

sometimes its not about the things that happen, its about the person that it happens to.

corrinne may never fails to uplift.

stone now? maybe.

cant do any work at this point in time. its times like these when you just dont feel like doing anything, except maybe reflect on the day, and perhaps to talk to God.

dont worry about me, im fine. :)

guess i just need abit more QT.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

ame wonders.

I read 1 Samuel 20 for quiet time this morning. Just some background about it: it was about how Jonathan helped David flee from his father, King Saul, cos he wanted to kill him. When Saul found out his own son was helping David, he tried to kill him as well. Jonathan then stormed out of the dinner table and went to tell David that it was not safe for him to tarry any further.

The last two verses touched me.

"And as soon as the lad was gone, David arose out of a place toward the south, and fell on his face to the ground, and bowed himself three times: and they kissed one another, and wept one with another, until David exceeded. And Jonathan said to David, Go in peace, forasmuch as we have sworn both of us in the name of the Lord, saying, The Lord be between me and thee, and between my seed and thy seed for ever. And he arose and departed: and Jonathan went into the city." - 1 Samuel 20:41-42

At that instant, I felt for David. and Jonathan.

The parting of inseparable friends. How painful can it get? I felt really sad after reading the chapter, because i realised The Sad Thought is going to come true in one and a half years' time. The time where we'll part and won't know when we'll see each other again. What will life be like without all of u.

Its just so hard to imagine. Because my world will be half-shattered.

I sense a bout of depression then. haha.

But till then, i'm happy and i thank God for every one of u every day. (:

May the force be with everyone...

After all the last night's post, i think i should post one too...
First and foremost, i just want to apologise to ame for saying the things to you... mei shi jiu hao, so let's forget about it =) i have been feeling very bad about this thing.. sigh
Secondly, the symphonies indeed sounded well last night, but we should still practise even harder. Guys, and gals, dont give up, we are almost there. Muahaha
As for my kor kor and jie jie, have fun studying for the test, you all can finish the homework de. But one important thing, dont get stressed out hor, otherwise when you all go for rehearsel like walking zombies... okay, you get the point.
Chan finally returned my money to me.. thought he had totally forget about it, yay, but i owe him $5 now as i did not have change yesterday. please remind me about this.
For those who didnt know and were not concern about Oswald, ACS(i) dragon-boating team was on an owning spree yesterday with both divisions getting gold..Another ACS holiday? I supposed that we have more or less got the top school for sports and games again.
Holidays coming to an end, and its about time i should cut down on maple. Sob, sob. Spend more time on my violin and homework. How i wish that the holiday will start over again. oh yar, AME, I GOT THE YONG SIEW TOH LETTER... HOW? lol should i send it now? i just realise that we still have accent musical equip, another one at balmoral park (can pass to ying hao), but still cant find mervin beng de... Oh no. Maybe i go accent musical equip myself tomorrow.
With that in mind, let us pray hard the the sponsors will start to come in nad not let our X-men effort go down the drain... As for the programme booklet, we should jiang ji jiu ji (in other words play by ear) so dont start worrying too much about it...
Off to practise my violin... see you guys on tuesday and enjoy whats left of this holiday which never even started. Happy bday Ah meng =)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

joshuanaught unleashes his insanity

muaha. muaha. and muaha again.

on a saner (is there such a word? ok yes there is i checked :P) note, i think we are improving. although lately various random melodic motifs from mendelssohn and beethoven's fifth symphonies run on repeat mode in my head. its good because i know the music much better now and bad because i think it affects my sanity. can you imagine hearing the motifs play in your head and subconsciously or consciously humming/singing it while walking in public? *shivers at the thought* but then again i think it happened to me already. haheh (new word of expression)

we are improving, people. wo men yao ji xu jia you, ji xu nu li. wo men zhi neng cheng gong. wo men hui cheng gong. yay. keep practising! getting there.

on a sadder note, hols end in a week's time and homework is not finished in its entirety. bleh. nehmine. sure can finish one. must start chionging. this verse just comes to mind.

'Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.' Proverbs 3:5-6


on an insaner note, with regards to the title of this post, MUAHAHA. wait. 'I WANT TO DISRUPT'


ok insanity disrupted.

let me tell you a joke.

my intonation needs finetuning. :D




ok i think i need some sleep lol.

for those of you who managed to read till this point, i salute you. hormat kehadapan hormat. up 2 3 4 down. ah pardon my BB instincts.

the pillow awaits.

today's rehearsal

At least there're things to look forward to, admist all the terrible load of tests and homework we (year 5s especially) have to face when school reopens.

First thing is: Mendelssohn and Beethoven actually sounded good today! Yay there is hope.


Oli was super witty today. I shall not elaborate more. Bryan just owns us all in violin.


There's a problem with the budget for printing the programme booklets. Oh well, and for cutting of ticket sales, i dun think we can do anything about it. Whatever mrs li decides is final, and she's quite a difficult one to persuade.

Anyway, this is what Mendelssohn is trying to say in the 4th mvt (in english):

A might fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing;
Our helper He, amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing.
For still our ancient foe doth seek to work us woe;
His craft and power are great, and, armed with cruel hate,
On earth is not His equal.

Did we in our own strength confide, our striving would be losing;
Were not the right Man on our side, The Man of God's own choosing.
Dost ask who that may be? Christ Jesus it is He;
Lord Saboath, His Name, from age to age the same,
And He must win the battle.

Take heart.

Friday, June 16, 2006

thanks guys!

Thanks hamilton, oli, and joshuanaught for showing ur concern :)

But i'm really fine, thanks to ur prayers.

Sometimes a teardrop falls and problems cloud the its really just normal that i complain to u oli. Cos after that i feel a lot better, thanks! and u don't have to burden urself with whatever i complained to u, because i really dun wanna burden u - u got problems of ur own. I'm just very grateful tt u show concern.

Clarification to yanhan: i am not suffering from depression. and i am not "siao already". hahaha


Something hilarious happened today. Oli was reading his econs textbook and he came across a phrase in which the author wrote:

"The small Greek person and I......"

Then he had a footnote for the small Greek person...which he said was "my wife, still small." hahaha his informal tone and quirkiness was just so funny. Then oli was like, who on earth is the author. So he flipped to the front page and guess who it was?


hahahahahaha when we saw that both of us laughed till...till...haha till we couldnt stop. haha. McNgee is taking over the whole world already!

There's just this indescriable joy in randomness (:

Cheer up guys...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice?
On the heights along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand;
Proverbs 8:1-2

O Lord let me say only your words.

If your presence does not go with me, do not send me out from here.


On a depressing note, things that were said today made me realise that i have alot to be sorry for.

1) i'm sorry for not being absolutely honest with my parents.
2) i'm sorry for not appreciating my elder brother, and not looking after my younger brother well.
3) i'm sorry for offending many of my friends, consciously or subconsciously.
4) i'm sorry for offending my enemies.
5) i'm sorry for being biased towards others at times.
6) i'm sorry for using the wrong language on the wrong occasions.
7) i'm sorry for not acting my age sometimes.
8) i'm sorry if i angered anyone when i laugh uncontrollably. Honestly speaking, i don't think everyone appreciates me laughing. i'm sure some of u find it annoying and childish. And i am truly sorry.
9) i'm sorry that i can't live up to expectations sometimes.
10) i'm sorry that i whacked oli today. Sorry oli!
11) [to mr chan] i'm sorry about the x-men saga..we should have been more formal in the first place. We shouldnt have forgotten tt u are, after all, our conductor, so we shouldnt have been over-friendly in a sense. We shouldnt have been childish as well.
12) i'm sorry for not setting a good example to the juniors.
13) i'm sorry for daoing anyone.
12) i'm sorry that i always want things my way, and get angered when i don't.
13) i'm sorry for being stubborn.
14) i'm sorry for annoying anyone, intentionally or not.
15) i'm sorry to God, because i have let Him down. But God always forgives, and i'm sorry i didnt appreciate this earlier and took it for granted.


On a lighter note, i have doubts about growing up. about letting go of the x-men saga. and the ngee thing. and all the insane stuff. Cos i cant imagine what would school / chamber be like without them. It just adds the extra mile - the extra laughter, the extra sense of belonging. The worst fear of growing up is being boring.

But its something we all have to do right? Maybe it won't be boring. After all, ur friends grow up with you.


So i'm sorry. But i'll try.


hmm.. after feeling so special and so happy yesterday, i think it is time to do some reflections =)
firstly, i thought only zab remembered my bday cus when i stepped into the room with ame and oli, they like sort of dao me ... no offence, i know you all are trying to give me the element of surprise, but was sort of sad until zab came only.. bryan only said "its today" which im still trying to figure out what was up to his sleeve when he said that. FYI, Bryan and Amelia wanted to colour my case with happy bday all around it...
But that's not the case, right after the end of rehearsel, you all really gave me that surprise although the amelia rushing off to the back of the room sort of gave me some suspicion. and then it was there, my present, as well as the wonderful song in lots of key...
The card was a bit emotional also.. especially the stuff you all write inside it. i guess that it is the heart the matters, and not the handwriting =)
This is the more detailed version of my tag, was just too tired when i got home yesterday. As i mentioned earlier, i seriously lost count on how many times ame said happy bday to me, like some kind of chanting like that =) But once again, i appreciate all your effort yesterday to make yesterday one of my most unforgettable birthday... (although there is like 16 only). hehe. But since my bday happen to fall right in the middle of June, i NEVER had peers celebrating it with me.. so thank you once again..
Special thanks goes to amelia, oliver, bryan for the present
and zab, joshua, bryan (and his random ideas), and ame once again

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

holiday rehearsals

I wonder if any of u out there actually thought of what mr chan said today (well, besides the ppl whom i know will think about it). I wonder how many of u were actually affected by it. Oh well.

But whatever it is, I am inspired by what he said and i am determined to get Mendelssohn right. After listening to it and practising it and enjoying it so much, I don't think any of you can bear to see mr chan just take it off the programme can u?

If u can, U ARE INHUMAN.

haha. either that, or u just don't like making music as a group; in other words, u don't deserve to be in chamber.

"I don't have a problem with u at all if u don't get it. I have a huge problem when u don't even try".

So, please practise! and practise smart. Do it slow first, use metronme, etc. And another thing -- don't rush!!!! I cant emphasise this more. Its everyone's fault, including mine (i am guilty of it too, ahh); but if everyone at least tries not to switch to autopilot mode but watch mr chan and listen to the other sections, we should be fine.

Maybe even move a mountain or two? Mind u, NOT volcanoes. They only mean disaster =p

Each section needs to be more united as a section too. And cellos and basses, we CANNOT succeed without u guys! U are the most crucial now. So please try hard k? :) I just hope that all of u have the same goal in mind: making this work. And not just play to get by. Because the pieces we play have its own priceless rewards. And not anyone has the opportunity to play, so treasure it.


Serious things aside, i took interesting photos today! hahaha. however my camera won't be available anymore starting from tmr will be in hongkong and joshuanaught! please bring ur camera every single day, and rmb to charge it. We need to compile the pics soon.



Tuesday, June 13, 2006

turning 16...

Guess what...
I'm going to be one year older tomorrow, most of you will probably not care so much about this...
but I will be same age as most of my kor kor and jie jie.. muahaha. but who cares
Going to watch my first LEGAL NC16 movie, milestone in my history =) but actually i dont even know what to watch, and to make things worst, there is chamber rehearsel from like 1-9? OMG, <-- not the best birthday present after all
Just want to thank those who have wished me a happy birthday, and thank the rest in advance.

Chamber all the way...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Started studying. Its easier if you enjoy it.

Anyway, maybe its time we started some good traditions in the orchestra... So that we ;eave it better than it was... Like birthday cards or something... for everyone. We were thinking birthday mugs today. any thoughts? Anyway, I got a new stick from Frank Brother's... the old one had 3 inches snapped off by my brother's itchy-fingered friend. The new one's the same price, 12 inches and with a smaller hold. whee!

Would life be easier if we knew what others thought?

Not really. But God knows. And he knows whats best for us.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

i digress. AGAIN.

haha. apparently someone called cyclops (not yanhan or slow, i think) doesnt like my poems very much, but yanhan wants more, so i shall compromise and write a story.

This story is for ppl out there who just had a terrible fight with Dad and wish that he never existed. Well, all i can say to u is, look on the bright side. There're others who are much more worse-off than u. Some of them have a dad who ran away, some of them never knew who their dad was.

Happy fathers' day.


It was an uneventful Sunday morning. Xiao Zhang walked briskly towards the provision shop, clutching tightly in his palm the two one-dollar coins his mother had given him. Even as beads of prespiration rolled down his forehead, he continued walking at the same, fast pace, oblivious to the tormenting heat. As his feet were on the road, his mind was somewhere else, mulling over his mother's words.

"Boy, come downstairs and help me!" Xiao Zhang's mother hollered from the kitchen. Xiao Zhang immediately turned off his X-box, afraid that she would suddenly pop her head through the door and give him a lecture for being lazy. He stood up, deciding that obeying Mother this once wouldn't hurt one bit.

"Come come! What took you so long?" Mother shoved two one-dollar coins into Xiao Zhang's hand.

"Go quickly to the provision shop and get me some milk. Remember, you must but the Marigold brand, not the other one in a yellow package! And it's Ah Seng's shop, not the Cold Storage shop that is nearer to our house okay? And don't you dare drop by at your father's house! If I find out that you went to see that good-for-nothing...."

Xiao Zhang gently closed the door behind him. He wondered why Mother was so particular about which provision shop he went to. What was with the milk brands anyway? To him, they all tasted the same. Besides, all the milk brands get their milk from the same animal. But what puzzled him the most was Father. Why was Mother always looking down on him? Why did they stay away from each other for few weeks on end? Why was he prohibited from seeing him?

Father was such a nice man, Xiao Zhang thought. Every time Father came home there was always some present waiting for him - a toy aeroplane, a lollipop, more pocket monster cards to play with. Father would then bring him out for long walks in the park to try out his new toy. When Xiao Zhang grew tired, Father would amuse him with stories about the Monkey God and his two sidekicks. However, good times did not last long. One day, Xiao Zhang returned home from school and found his father, suitcase in hand, outside his house.

"Papa!! Where are you going?!"

"Boy, I...I am going to work, and I must stay somewhere else because of the work I'm doing. Here, this is my address. Come visit me if you can okay? It's just across the road. Don't tell your mother!" With that, Father turned his back towards Xiao Zhang and walked away, leaving Xiao Zhang at the door, dumbfounded.

That was a month ago.

Recalling the incident, Xiao Zhang stopped walking. Still clutching on to the two one-dollar coins, he reached into his pocket and pulled the sheet of paper containing Father's address. He had been warned by Mother, but Xiao Zhang's compulsion to see his father once again was too strong. He took an abrupt turn to Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, block 213.

Xiao Zhang took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. After a few minutes, a man finally answered the door. Xiao Zhang was shocked. The man was unshaven and had puffy, yellowish eyes. His dirty brown shirt clung on to him like rags. He reeked of alcohol. And yet, the man was his father.

"Who's there, darling?" A woman's voice echoed from the inside of the apartment. Soon, a figure of a woman emerged. Scantily clad, she put her arms round Xiao Zhang's father and leaned against him, while staring at Xiao Zhang. Xiao Zhang could not believe his eyes. He felt shocked, cheated, furious and hurt. Father had lied - he had left for another woman. Xiao Zhang's world collpsed. The walks in the park and the toy aeroplanes were reduced to nothing but false hope. False hope of Father returning home, false hope of everything going back to normal again. Father had lied, and nothing could change that fact.

With tears streaming down his face, Xiao Zhang ran home. He had forgotten about his two one-dollar coins, he had forgotten about the milk. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He ran away, far away from the aching truth.

27 october 2005

Saturday, June 10, 2006

i digress...

After all the sponsorship work was done, oli and i were pondering about what else should we post on this ngeeee blog of ours. hmm. so here's what we've decided:

1) Chamber rehearsal photos
2) rehearsals' funny moments
3) the progress of the AC Phil committee in organising the concert
4) and other random stuff that we think ppl should go read. haha


Sam, oli and i were on the city hall mrt escalator yesterday after we said bye to auggie. Then oli thought of a sad thought.

Something along the lines of "I cant believe we'll go our separate ways in less than 2 years' time."

Thanks alot oli! u made all of us sad at that instant. haha. but i do think about that sometimes, and it makes me feel terrible. I mean, what would life be like without AC chamber ppl? How would it be like without any rehearsals to look forward to, without any crazy moments to laugh at, and without insane ppl to be insane with? Without mr chan's humourous comments? Without the x-men saga, and without having the privilege of coming together to make music?

How would it be like?

All i know is, it would be unimaginable. I will miss every single one of u =( But thats how life is; it throws the best 2 years of ur life at u, and then takes it away in, well, a short 2 years.

This is for u oli...a poem i wrote 3 years ago, about how i felt when i thought about this sad thought.

Time flies so quickly away,
Before you know it, there goes a day;
Reminicises of hope, happiness, and love
go flying away like a dove.

We stumble upon a happy moment,
But soon it goes, and we lament:
Why didnt we enjoy this time longer?
Why can't we keep this moment forever?

So I tell you, my friend, treasure time
for wasting time is almost a crime.
Live life to the fullest, as full as you can,
As the saying goes: "time awaits no man".


Anyway, i think we (u know who u are, haha) owe chris an apology. Sometimes i feel that we go too far =/


For all of you:

Friday, June 09, 2006

why u pangseh us?

This is for our dear shadowcat, in conjunction with the tenth anniversary of magNGEEto's and shadowcat's marriage. It has been a rocky road ever since, especially today, when shadowcat pangseh-ed his dear husband / wife magNGEEto for toue FOURTH was then magNGEEto suspected shadowcat was seeing someone O.o

Oh dear. some one please rescue the marriage! hahaha JUST KIDDING.





Anyway, here's a poem i wrote not too long ago. Its about bryan and how he's so mysterious i can never know the true bryan. sigh. hahaha anyway read on! Yet there is beauty in mystery. There is beauty in the unknown. haha something for u to ponder about.

What beauty do I see in you
your quiet composure
playing the violin
with such skill i know
i'll never have.

What beauty do i see in you
the mysterious veil of eccentricity
which hides your true self
which i know
i'll never unveil.

It saddens me sometimes
how i'll never know ur thoughts
and wishes
how you seem to be hiding
and how i'll never understand.

The distance grows larger
no emotions betray
i will never know,
i will never unveil.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

looking for sponsorship episode 5

Hi guys, yanhan is in malaysia, so i'll fill u in on what happened today :)

Ok, in today's episode, only magNGEEto (oliver), jean green leo (ame) and joshuanaught (joshua) were available to cover the last two destinations: Yamaha @ A-Z building and Gramercy Music @ Tanjong Katong Road. In case u were wondering, the three masketeers had to go back to Gramercy cos mrs li wanted them to take the back cover of our programme booklet, which has a hefty price tag of $3000.

It was a long mrt ride from dover to payar lebar, and the three x-men were standing all the way there, with aizat falling asleep SEATED. haha so ungentlemanly, never give up his seat for jean green leo. If the phoenix of jean green were to be unleashed on the train, she would have thrown him off the seat! haha just kidding >.<
Anyway, the three x-men reached payar lebar at around 3pm, and they were so hungry! So they cabbed their way to tanjong katong road and alighted at their target. Keeping an eye on their target, they recharged their energy cells at a hawker centre opposite. At 330, they closed in on Gramercy Music (after debating on what to say and when to say it...u know we just cant barge in and say: "EH I ORDER U TO TAKE THE BACK COVER OR ELSE". so ya, after much planning). However, they soon found out that Gramercy already replied to mr ng and their budget was a mere $500. -_-

GG. Gramercy 1; X-men 0 :(

Ok disappointments aside, the three x-men cabbed to the next stop, which was at A-Z Building, where Yamaha music (not motorcycles) was. In the cab, magNGEEto and jean green leo were updating joshuanaught on yesterday's events i.e. magNGEEto allowing his nasal voice to conquer him unintentionally O.o hahaha. And the jokes about 'holes' at the old houses in McNair road (hahahaha inside joke!). MagNGEEto and joshuanaught were humming the first two bars of Mozart Piano Sonata in D Major, K576 when all three of them alighted. They got into the lift at A-Z Building and emerged at the 3rd floor, perfectly sane ;) As u know, ANYTHING can happen in the metal lift, esp. if magNGEEto, with his magNGEEtic powers, is in the house! haha.

Anyway, the three x-men just addressed the letter to Mr Eric Quek, as the receptionist suggested. Hope they would sponsor the concert though.
Ok thats basically the end of story, but if u're so free and u wanna have a good laugh. read on! If not, byebye!


So at about 4pm, our work was done :) The three x-men finished ahead of schedule! It was raining but jean green leo used her psychic powers and made a shield around the vln and viola cases that she and magNGEEto were carrying. AKA umbrella. hahaha!

And so, magNGEEto and jean green were under the umbrella with their cases. They were walking towards the bus stop, with joshuanaught ahead of them. A conversation started:

[pardon me oli, i cant rmb the first part of the convo]

magNGEEto: eh ame walk on the inside of the pavement can? what if u laugh until like yesterday like that, almost got off the pavement and onto the main road!"

jean green: haha nah no need its okay. Today there's grass next to me so i wont reach the main road so easily when i laugh.

magNGEEto: but why don't u wanna step on the grass?

jean green: [ponders for a moment, then breaks out laughing] cos...cos the grass is green!

jean GREEN doesnt wanna hurt herself by stepping on GREEN grass. get it? hahahahaha xD u all must be rolling ur eyes now at the lame joke, but at tt moment the phoenix in jean green unleashes itself and she starts laughing hysterically. Joshuanaught turns back and looks puzzled at magNGEEto and jean green, who are by now, almost hyperventilating. haha.

jean green apologizes for the bad joke and we move on.

Soon, the bus is here and magNGEEto heads home. Joshuanaught and jean green head for West End while magNGEEto heads East. Although it was raining, we were glad that:
1) Gramercy gave us at least $500.
2) the x-men were around to increase our morale and to make us laugh despite the gloomy weather.

Thats about it. There were many other funny incidents, but i cant recall now. so ta-ta!

looking for sponsorship episode 4 + jokes

ok basically yanny has already covered all that we did during episode 4, but he didnt cover the x-men saga fully!!

ok i'll try my best to remember the funny moments.

funny moment #1:
We were at Dover mrt, and we were on the side going towards Pasir Ris, while john tay was on the side going towards Boon Lay. Then we saw the "Value Life, Act Responsibly" sign at the track heading to boon lay. and we saw john tay! hahaha. So we asked john tay to walk until he was directly above the sign...then we asked him to pose, as if he was gonna jump >.< hahahhaa. And took a photo! sadly the photo isnt clear, but with john tay standing there, we laughed our heads off.

moral of the story: "Value Life. Act Responsibly." HAHA.

funny moment #2:
The whole x-man saga started after we visited SLO headquarters and were heading to Robertson Walk in search for Cremona Music School. Yanny, oli and I were waiting for the bus...waiting and waiting, but it didnt arrive for quite long. So yanny said: "ame use ur psychic powers and order the bus to come!" So i said, bus no.(i cant rmb) please come now. And guess what, in the next few seconds, we saw it approaching us from a distance! HAHA. So now, i'm jean green leo (cos i like lime green -_-), oli is magNGEEto (master of ngee!) and yanhan...well, i dunno, but i would like him to be Over The Hedge's Hamilton =D The names only came about later, when we were at Robertson Walk walking towards Clarke Quay MRT station. We were all high on sugar then cos yanhan and oli stopped for a slurpie while i drank minute maid limeade.

Hence the x-man saga!

Bryan is tentatively shadowcat (the cat, haha) and we were wondering what will Chris' powers be if he were a mutant too?


funny moment #3:
It was our last stop, Mr Sabo and McNair Road (mcNGEH road! hahaha). We were all high cos we're super tired after walking and with oli lugging his heavy wooden viola case all around spore (we deserve a treat man! haha). We arrived at Boon Keng MRT station and with yanny's excellent navigating skills (he printed the maps of all the places the day before! how efficient is that!), we found mcNGEH road without a problem. On the way there, oli cracked a super funny joke and i started hyperventilating with laughter. Nearly fell to the main road and nearly got banged down by car. hehe. here's the joke:

We were all high due to the newly-found x-men saga and then oli brings LOTR in!!! He says: and instead of the eye that looks at Froddo everytime in LOTR 3, we will have the mouth of mordor going "NGEEEEEEE...(in a low-pitched voice)" HAHAHA. I couldnt stop laughing after that. That was THE joke of the day!

funny moment #4:
Ok only the year fives and all those who know who hoe is will understand this joke. The houses at mcNGEH road were old colonial houses, so at the back of the houses there were square holes in the walls. So a conversation started between me and oli:

ame: eh u know the holes (hoes) at the back of the house? *giggles*

oli: yeah?

ame: u know in the olden days they were used to clear the....HAHAHAHHAA

at this point, i REALISED what i just said. I was about to say tt in the old times ppl put their waste baskets (which consisted of their poo and pee) through the hole and every morning this guy will come and clear it away...but then i REALISED what i just said. Oli just HAD to say it aloud.

oli: HAHAHHA hoe (hole) is full of s**t!!! HAHAHA i'm gonna tell hoe that ame says u're full of s**t!!! HAHAHA

ame: no no no!! i didnt i didnt say that!!!!

and so the second joke of the day tt made me hyperventilate with laughter xD


HAHAHa. hope u had a good laugh reading this. Oli if u can rmb more funny moments, pls add on to this!!
Episode 5 is coming up!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

looking for sponsorship episode 4

On episode number 4, we (ame, me joshua and oliver) take on different roles in the latest X-Men movie... (not my idea)

Amelia - Jean Green Leo
Joshua - Joshuanaught
Oliver - MaNGEEtoh
Me - Just the narrator =)

Here is the latest updates of our excursion,
Right after rehearsel, we went straight down to Aljunied to look for Swee Lee Company. As it was thought to be in some kind of ulu place, me, the narrator, did quite some preparation in finding maps for these places so we actually did not get lost, credits to me (not trying to boost my ego here). But since the person-in-charge of sponsor for that company wasn't in, we didnt have any idea how their response to this event will be. But nevermind, we will wait.

Storm (another X-men character) was on our side too, making the dreadful rain go away. Jean will take credit for that, able to control storm to control the weather. haha
Next stop we went to M.A.S.T music company. To our horror, they shifted place and so we were not able to find them. The address that they are using (the old one) belongs to some mutu-curry store =) Nevermind, we can confirm the address soon. Hopefully...
Singapore Lyric Opera was also close to that area. Surprisingly, they are not a NPO and thus will be able to help us out. Just to let you all know, the Amahl and the night visitor banner is still outside the building =.=

With much planning before the excursion... I knew what bus to tke to get down to Cremona music. We waited for like 15 mins or so until MaNGEEtoh got impatient and summon for Jean Green Leo to ask the bus to come. Guess what, it came withing the next 5 secs.. scary right? but this is the power of X-Men. Getting down to Fraser's place wasn't that much of a problem (Cremona is in Fraser's place <-- not the fraser peh from our orchestra), the main problem was that the address they were using was an old one and so we could not find them... Sigh. But somehow MaNGEEtoh uses his physic power and located a girl sitting in another music store and decided to walk in to ask for Cremona's address. Want to make a guess again what happen next? Cremona is in that music store !!!! ( I dont think this is lucky, its the power of X-Men) They somehow said they are under one roof and thus we found them.. i forgot the name of that music store le..

Last stop we went to Mr Sabo's house via Boon Keng mrt station... another ulu place but we still got there.. thanks to... His wife isnt in, and thus he cannot make the decision or else "His wife will kill him". Okay, we should value life and act responsibly and dont force them to kill one another =) so in the mean time we can only wait...
Today was one of the best day as everything just went quite smoothly apart from some minor obstacles.. it was fun too with the X-Men character going about doing these stuff...

For those wondering why Joshuanaught exist, he is actually a super muscular guy who carries MaNgeetoh's heavy viola case around; and also because he crashed into a lamp-post but the light went off instead of him getting injured.. suprised... for those who are lost and have no idea what im talking about, go and watch X-Men 3 or look at this summary : Everything went well today =)

I guess it is time to rest after 3 long days of hard work...
till then, have a nice time in HeAVEN as i'm not going =)
to be continued...
Chen Yanhan <-- the narrator


Look at my display name.....
Joshua remember to bring your Ipod along today, i want to here more Mr brown =)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

looking for sponsorships episode 3

For those who kept on supporting us,
Hello and welcome back to a whole new episode of my adventures =)

Today was like the happiest and worst day of our excursion, read on to find out why...
It was firstly raining quite heavily i must say and somehow we decided to visit IMM building - The Band World first (My idea..). So we reach Jurong East MRT station and thought we can take the free shuttle service there. BUT, some strange force told us that the bus will take quite long to come and so we decided to walk in the rain.. WOW (luckily i brought 2 umbrella, ame had 1 for 4 of us - KIASU). And not even 3 minutes into the walk, we saw the bus came.. too late, so we continue walking. And of course all of you know Rain, area damage + freezing element + hard to avoid + confirm get wet. we were drenched when we got into IMM, worst thing, the office was so hard to find.. oh man. I thought it was the easiest place to go to but apparently i was wrong.. sorry guys. 1-0 to them =)

Then to brighten our day, the rain stop.. muahahaha.
second stop at methodist school for music, quite easy to find as it was within ame territory. the best part was that we waited for 5 minutes for the person-in-charge to came out of her office, and when she did, SHE ALREADY TICKED THE $300 DOLLARS BOX. We didnt even expect her to sponsor us on the spot, of course we got a shock as they set the record for the first ever company to help us out.. yay.. so current score 1-1 (happy)

Last stop was a visit to Pipetius mother's shop, at Dunearn road there.. smooth journey, dont think it will be a probelm to us as long as we keep pestering him to ask his mother to help us... just keep on smsing him.. evil but most probably able to work out.. so final score 1-2 (win...)

Forgot to mention one thing, before we left that place, i actually saw a quote in that building which i think it is quite cool. Here it goes: We don't learn how to accept failures but going through one, we should learn how to avoid them..
Cool right? im learning it.. hehe

We will be going to the east tomorrow, hopefull ame wont be that high after eating chocolate cakes again...till then, take care guys and see you in school

to be continued...
Chen Yanhan


haha that was yanhan speaking =p anyway, those of u who are reading this, bring a camera (preferably digital cam) to chamber rehearsals starting from 13 june! cos we need lotsa photos (sane ones and crazy ones) for the centre pages of our programme booklet =) And it will be good to collect photos from now know, to capture the special moments!! haha.


signing out, ame

alphabet ngee

ngee ngee ngee ngee ngee ngee ngee, ngee ngee ngee ngee ngeengeengeengeengee, ngee ngee ngee, ngee ngee ngee, ngee-ee ngee, ngee and ngee ... ngee ngee ngee ngee ngee ngee ngee, ngee ngee ngee ngee ngee ngee ngee!


first post. tired from carrying the dumb viola all around bukit timah...


looking for sponsorships episode 2

Hello all again...

I'm sort of out of my mind now after the movie =) too funny,
but here is the latest update of what happened today regarding sponsorship matters...

So we(amelia, me, joshua, and oliver) again, went to several places today, starting off with SSO. First failed mission as SSO is an NPO. and for those wondering what is an NPO, it is actually non-profit organisation in which they live off sponsorship instead of sponsoring other people.. nvm, we have learnt to accept failures...

Second stop at frank brothers... the one in which i almost cry. Cus after all amelia's hard work, THEY TURNED US DOWN... record for the first company to reject us.. So we are appealing to you all to remind them about this stuff time and time again when you all vist their shop.. hopefully the lady will pass the latter to the Mr. Nice Guy of that shop (according to Joshua) and that he will reconsider...

Third we went to esplanade company where they are once again a NPO.. so need i say more? GG

Following that we visited mandeville (still having a hard time to remember this name). Using the more kind approach =), i think this wont be a problem to us at all.

It was music tech next up on the list, boss not in, clerk said pass letter to boss. Hopefully this will work out well, of course we reminded her again before we leave not to forget about our stuff...

Finally after so much talking, we came to "Sweet classics" at Lido there... after a long explanation by me, first comment from them is "Wah seh, too expensive leh..." nice singaporean accent =) and then " but the last time, we sponsor back cover some more 300 dollars only..." * What can we do if they want to sponsor but dont want to sponsor so much? Chris reply to this please

Much lesson learnt this time, and more to come, hopefully this day will pay off eventually just like any others...

Extension ( skip if you feel like sleeping.. its off-topic)
hehe, we went to LIDO to watch over the hedge to end the day.. amelia dying after the laugh =) sad that joshua miss this thingy

If Hamilton can burp his ABC's, nothing is impossible =)
to be continued,
Chen Yanhan

looking for sponsorships episode 1

Hello all...
All right, just to keep you all updated, we (me, amelia, joshua, oliver) actually when around getting sponsorships today. quite tiring, but fun.
We when to synwin, the friendliest of all i must say. Most probably wont be a problem, thats what they say. Gramcercy, essentials, the people there are not as friendly as we expected, especially essentials. The boss was like 2 metres away from us but refuse to speak to us =.= But the important thing is that we should be able to get the money (finger-crossed).
Got to frank brothers also, but close as they are in Thailand =)
Got to Yamaha late.. the most funny experience, long story, skip if you dont feel like reading. We went to A-Z builiding via a cab, reach there and saw a YAMAHA builiding behind. So we happily walked there and found out that it was actually the car Yamaha =) Before that we actually got stuck in the A-Z building and most important of all, we got there like 25 mins late the 2nd time we went back to the building and they were "Close". GG

We (me and amelia and others) will still be going out again soon. Just wondering about SSO etc, the bigger companies. I need a reply if i should post via mail and if we are going out to visit them.

Long day, so i should get some rest now.. See you in HeAVEN on Monday. Haha...
to be continued...

~yanhan rambles