try ngee-ing the alphabet.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Long bus or MRT rides are strangely condusive environments to experience music. Buses and trains are like concert halls. You sit down and you're not allowed to move for extended periods of time and if you plug in your earphones you either listen attentively or go to sleep. Listening to music while sitting in front of the computer multitasking often makes music no more than a peripheral noise and nothing ever strikes you because you're never paying attention. It also helps to go upstairs on double-decker buses and sitting right in front away from the tvmobile speakers gives you the most peace and quiet. The modified buses for the disabled have NO TV MOBILE and are most ideal. Listening on trains is generally good unless the train is in a tunnel. Find a seat in a quiet spot, avoiding noisy incessant chatter and crowds.

Bus 14 from home to dover
60 mins
Beethoven's 9th symphony. Karajan/BPO

MRT from jurong east to tanah merah
40 mins
Dvorak's cello concerto. Du Pre/Barenboim/CSO

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's incredibly hard to compose music. Most of the time i attempt something and then it doesnt work or it doesnt turn out the way i wanted or i dont know how to write down what i hear in my head or i write it down and realise it isnt original and that sucks.

bleh maybe it really is a special gift only a select few have.

Anyway, prelims next week! how exciting.

I can't listen to music and study at the same time because I get too emotionally involved in it and lose focus on what i'm studying. ARGH well unless its bach cello suites or something and i turn the volume really low (which is stupid cos WHATS THE POINT OF LISTENING TO MUSIC WHEN YOU CANT HEAR THE NUANCES AND STUFF).

yeah so for me studying is a pretty silent affair.