try ngee-ing the alphabet.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

sucky day.


There's something about the solo violin music of Bach and Ysaye that makes you want more. Maybe it's the cleaness of everything, the lonely struggles and musings, and the certain amount of detachment involved. Safe music that doesn't require too much emotional involvment. Gentlemanly in a way. Safe.


Anyway i just got the Ysaye violin sonatas by Leonidas Kavakos off Very nicely played indeed, with restraint and avoiding excess 'interpretation'. Also got Kalevi Aho's tuba and contrabassoon concertos (woot CONTRABASSOON CONCERTO!) which are really powerful pieces. Passages in the lowest ranges of the above instruments tend to be felt more physically than anything else! You can almost feel your innards quiver. I did, however, waste precious credits on the Dvorak serenades by the Prague Chamber Orchestra. The recording is bland and unexciting and it seems playing without a conductor does not always turn out successful. The different string sections rarely complement each other's playing style and the recording sounds like a midi file. bleagh...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

When trusting and not asking is painful.

When being encouraging hurts.

Ah well...

It's no longer I that liveth, but Christ that liveth in me...

haha i just realised the O(liver) liveth pun >.<

I am still happy =)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i've been tagged my debbie! ah well first time doing one of these meme things...


Colour: Blue, Green
Food: pretty much anything... CHENG TNG. the one from outside my house
Movie: I don't really fancy movies that much.

Sport: Does running count? I love covering distances =)
Day: Friday night to saturday night. This 24 hour window tends to be the most stress and worry-free time of the week.
Season: Spring
Ice-cream: Ben and Jerries Dublin Mudslide


Mood: Content and quite happy. It's been a great day! Thanks guys and girl =)
Clothes: shorts, church t-shirt and windbreaker (the aircon in my mum's room is cold)
Desktop: Background photo of the rainforest at macritchie... icons generally neat and unused.
Time: 12.03AM, 27th Dec 2007
Surrounding: Computer, large bar of cadbury in tupperware, printers and other computer things, enough space to move around (unlike someone's room *ahem* =P)


Best Friend: Wow I don't remember... probably Joel Wee (wonder if you're reading this?)
Movie: Don't remember...... so long ago
Crush: erm... this girl in p2 i think. i think her name was Celeste but i'm not sure >.<
Music I played: Hot cross buns on the piano hahaha


Drink: Iced milo.
Car Ride: Cab home from aunt's house after Christmas dinner last night.
Crush: Hmmm... this is a grey area which i shall avoid for now.
CD Played: Mahler Symphony No.3, Sir Georg Solti, Chicago Symphony Orchestra (its so drearily long i only got past the first two movements (of of six) which are already makes 40 minutes)

Have You Ever...

Dated one of your best friends? Hahaha SIGHHHHHHHHH no comment.
Broken the law? I used to be a music pirate but i now HONOUR I.P. =)
Been arrested? no


5 things you're good at (in no order of merit):
1) Identifying birds (from years of birding)
2) Ranting about music and how pianos are lousy instrments
3) Eating dessert
4) Eating slowly


3 things you hear right now:
1) Mythbusters on TV
2) Schumann's Rhenish Symphony (No.3)
3) Noise from airliners passing overhead.

2 things you'll probably never do:
1) be fat
2) skydive or other extreme sports which involve heights or g forces.

1 thing you seriously regret doing:
Hmmm there isnt something i really regret doing. Live life without regrets! Anyway, I always regret it when I allow friendships to sour. Yeah...

5 people to tag:
2) Cheryl Sim
3) Xuan

3 only lar. lazy to think of more people


Yep thanks guys for coming over today =)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The amount of pretence that exists in relationships and interactions between people is very stunning.

Monday, December 24, 2007


I'm tired of being appreciated.
Appreciation is not at all what i want.

Neither do I want respect.
The sort given to seemingly quietly helpful individuals.

Damn, when will anyone realise, that what people want

and need

is care.

or dare I say...



At this point, oli gets out of his chair frustrated. He grabs a few random things on the table and flings them around the room with all the strength in his arms.

Then he pauses for a moment and thinks to himself.

"shit. isn't that perfect love and care something that God promises? Why have I stubbornly refused to ask for it? Pride? Self-righteousness? Delusion? A worldly perspective of things?"


Oh Lord help me. Be strong in my weakness. For my heart and my flesh they fail me.

Take me once again into the depths of Your love and grace.

Help me to have no other before You.

Seal my heart for Your courts above.

All this I ask in Your name.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Congrats to wilford for getting 3rd prize in the piano intermediate category!

Violin artist finals tonight should be fun to watch.

In other news, today I went birdwatching for the first time in about a year. Ubin was rather quiet and David and I were feeling rather lazy... It seems I've lost the birding touch. The quarry near the jetty has a huge heronry of about 100 Grey Herons (Ardea cinerea) with many breeding pairs and nestlings, lots of migrant egrets of various species and a family of White-bellied Fish-Eagles (Haliaeetus leucogaster). The henronry with the looming rainclouds and a soaring juvenile eagle was a rather spectecularly surreal experience. One about life, heaven, growing-up, family and freedom. I shall soon be back there with cameras and stuff.

ah well...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Back from Hongkong. The temperature is perfect (16-21 degrees C) but the air is very polluted because of nearby Shenzhen. Visited Disneyland HK which was quite exciting being my first visit to the theme park anywhere in the world. I dislike roller coasters in general especially those indoor ones in which you don't know whats coming next. Walked alot and shopped here and there and finally got a set of complete bruckner symphonies by eugen jochum/staatskapelle dresden. HK Records is cheap and HMV is a ripoff even in Had some good korean bbq. Fatty beef.

Anyway, it kind of sucks to be home, to remember things and to be jolted back into reality.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

&'nicole i am not "the dvorak girl" says (12:03 AM):
does deb normally bake cakes
&'nicole i am not "the dvorak girl" says (12:03 AM):
because i feel like a cake.
&'nicole i am not "the dvorak girl" says (12:03 AM):
as in,
oli - says (12:03 AM):
oli - says (12:03 AM):
&'nicole i am not "the dvorak girl" says (12:03 AM):
i feel like baking a cake.
oli - says (12:03 AM):
i wonder what cakes feel like


Anyway prom was fun and staying over at daniel's uncle's place was sooo funny. Watched 1408 and Ocean's 13 and went to sleep at 5 with losh's feet in my face. Then woke up at 6, had a big breakfast, went to losh's house to slack around and went for hoeyeong's piano quartet rehearsal on one hour of sleep and ended the long day with SYO concert which was not particularly exciting.

Past few days have been rather mundane.

I want mangoes and icecream.