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Saturday, August 19, 2006


maybe i should sleep, maybe i shouldnt, but actually i cant...
Oli just pwned viola exam, 141 for grade 5 -.- Congratz anyway
Sorry to shua, didnt know your birthday was like last wed, really sorry.
Ame please take care of yourself, and good luck for your IOP/EE presentation.
Im seriously starting to feel the pressure for my practical which is less than 2 weeks away. It will be the first prac under my new teacher, and i really hope there will be a difference. I just found out that things that we are good at are usually the ones we will freak out at the last moment, like IOP, i never freaked out at all, its because i know my language just CMI and thus i just dont care about anything at whack. But my violin, arghhh...You will be super embarrassed if you fail it, or get damn bad results cus its your first instrument, and thats why i freak out everytime. Must go for mind-calming lessons, or just exchange traits with ame =P she's scared about the things i dont and not about the things i do.
Too much worries for now, maybe. And im being blamed now for being too nice to girls -.- and this month's utility bill just came in, it says close to 200 lol, half a month after my air-con and i start to see the impact of it.. Oh no, now i wish i go back in time, i rather save money than feel cooling at night, cus seriously, after you are deep in your dreams, if it is too hot/cold i wont affect much. Anyway, it says 11.30, and im really sleepy now.. Looking forward to violin lesson though.


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