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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

maybe its like this.

Maybe moving on is like stepping on those foot reflexology stones in the park. When u first walk on them, ur feet hurt. But its good for you, and u hopefully get used to it.

Maybe its like this. Maybe.

My mind has 4 persons. The irrational one, the sensible one, the third person, and the fourth emotion.

The irrational one and the sensible one love to quarell.

The third person is amused by their squabbles and laughs them off.

But somewhere in the depths, there is a fourth person. She is hurt; but i cant find her. I cant place it.

Somewhere in my mind, its like a broken family. The parents shout at each other, the innocent baby laughs. And the older sibling cries and hides away.

Somewhere, in my mind....


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