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Sunday, August 13, 2006


We officially ended our first philharmonic concert with a party yesterday. The second one is already being planned, with so many ideas being put together in just one night, just like our POTLUCK =P Memories of us starting work on this project(the first one) just happened to flow back while listening to the recording yesterday. Very happy to have worked with ame, oli and shua for the sponsorships thingy, and to see the whole orch progressing ever so fast. And so now as we move on, we can at least look back on past experiences, learn from mistakes we have made, and improve on the standards set by this committee.
Went borders after rehearsal yesterday. But before that, we actually had a live performance from Edward. Too pro liao, you ask for the piece, he play it for you. And the up-bow staccato. ARGHH. Nvm, at least the front desks of the violin section at yesterday's reading session, all 4 of us came from the same teacher. HEHE. Don't know why we decide to go to border also, lol. But i think we spent like 45mins before leaving, and thats a very short time there. That place a bit messy only, and having a violin at the kind of crowded place just didnt help much too. And it was like 4.45pm when we left borders when I am supposed to be at my granma's house at 6.30 which isnt that far from Orchard mrt. So being a bit high and bored, i decide to follow ame to Jurong east station before making my way back to outram park. Trip to jurong east = fun, trip back = sian, at least i had some time for myself for self-reflection...
Haha, i saw the fireworks by the Canadians at my aunt's house yesterday. Super good view(30th floor), nice breeze and not-blocked by any buildings. You look down and you see the esplanade. Some people even paid her $50 to go into her house to video cam, but i think she refused, should have let in lar, then use the 50 dollars to party or something. But at least my cousin took video cam of the show, not all since she ran out of memory space. Really enjoyed it, although it lasted for like 15mins? then i was watching cable tv at her house and thought that the programmes are very interesting. If only NTU had cable wires...
No time for homework at all this weekend. And i have dont know how many tests coming up next week. Doom. Composing workshop next tues. I think you all have rugby cheering on wed, against RI. Looking forward to today's violin lesson.. hehe.. =)


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