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Monday, August 14, 2006

A post by Chen Yanhan

Perhaps this is one of the days that i will remember..
I just thought of her again today, dont know why, but she just happened to be in my mind, sort of stuck. Dont know if this is a foolish thing, cus i read a quote, true love at my age is common, but knowing what true love is isn't. Maybe we are still too young for this kind of stuff. Maybe my class teacher is right, 24 graduate from uni, stabalised job, go into courtship, maybe married at 30 plus, earliest should be at 29. and im only 16, thats why. ARGHH. 10 years more down the road should be the answer, whats more there's NS for us, also known as temptation island and a serious test in relationship. Always tell myself age does not play a role in relationships, maybe it does now.
Dont know how to put it, but Tom (name changed to protect his identity until he gives me the green light to reveal his name, but i think you all know who liao) just spoke to me over MSN regarding next year's committee position and his wish to have a sort of competition with me. Of course i will love it if nobody fights with me at all, but i think it is right to get to know whose against you so that we can talk about this issue. But i will respect the outcome, nobody who gets it, all i can say is thanks for letting me know what you are doing at least..
Had one of the best times during class. Apart from the carrom game ownage (lol) and the hyper lose 7-0 in the soccer game, i enjoyed maths class too. Sometimes i think of the end of the year where we are leaving each other into some other random classes next year, sigh. Most of you all may have experienced it before, not me cus i was sort of immature during primary school days, regretting now not treasuring the friendship i had. Wonder what it will be like if i leave chamber two years down the road too.. Memories, joy, laughter, sweat.. shouldnt think so much now
See you guys in composing workshop tomorrow. Sleeping time.


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