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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


MEP class was freaky, very.
Mrs Li sort of ran through the overview of Prokofiev in supersonic speed with the whole class sort of lost most of the time. LT2 is so echoe, hate it man. Then Ms ng came in with a red luggage with her radio player inside. But the scary part is that she's wearing red shirt, red dress with a red luggage and suddenly pop into LT2. And then the next thing we knew before we settle down, she told us that our prelim practical for first instrument is like 2 weeks away. WOW. So for those who havent even chose their piece yet, GG, for me just a bit sudden, but i never do last minute work. Lucky sia. And then she announce O level first instrument prac dates. Fast sia, everything is happening so fast. We did a full paper next and it was sort of easy compared to her's, but i still make stupid mistakes. SIGH. Nvm, should learn how to prevent myself from freaking out.
Masterclass/workshop even better. Played the piece and before that person even started on explaining the work, Shin Kang asked us to leave cus Ms Ng is having a lesson with the rest of the year 4's now. Good joke cus nobody was there when we stepped into LT2...So we wasted all our time doing the recording, which was never used..And the best part is we learnt nothing out of it cus we didnt even go for the thing itself..
For those people trying to imposter wither me or zab out there, not bad ah. Didnt know somewhere treat me as an idol, put my name in front of yours and use my name to tag. But sad to say, you are failing very badly.. read my msn nick for those that have, and make wild guesses. "Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship--never."Got this quote from somewhere. If you are really that despo, please guess names of my closest friends. And i think most of you won't know about her unless..
"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal. Not to people or things." Philosophers say this!! MAybe its time for me to wake up


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