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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

don't let hate conquer all.

We were under the palm tree that had a light attached to it. Sitting on the floor, facing the sea, and the night sky that is so ridiculously starless. Ironic isnt it. The tall skyscrapers sparkling in the night from neon lights, robbing the sky of its natural glory.

Just waiting. For the fireworks.

For a moment, it didnt matter whether the fireworks came or not. Its just enough to have friends beside u, talking, laughing and sharing the moments. Under the night sky, in the sea breeze. Too bad there were so many people around.


Maybe u guys need to give yanny a break; for him to at least breathe. Rumours and scandals...what do they show? They only reflect badly on those who create and spread them. Why do u ppl want to ruin ur own reputation? I have no idea.

Maybe u guys need to find the answers for yourself.


In the shambles of war
Don't let hate conquer all
Make love your purpose
Make love your all...


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