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Monday, August 21, 2006

And the date today is 21/8

I'm just glad that today will be over soon..
IOC! It's over. I got passage 3, the easy one, the one about Juliet and her confused mind with all the oxymorons, conflicts, and irony. And as i said out each point, my teacher just kept on saying good, excellent and continuosly nod her head. I love it man. Then her comments: Good, but you must work on your grammer -.- hehe. Aiyah, i feel that it was good, although i sort of rushed through it cus i thought of a lot of points and didnt want to forget..And then its over. I'm so not going to think about it anymore. Goodbye Romeo and Juliet FOREVER
There was a public caning this morning. Think none of us saw, but the year 1's/2's seeing it the first time said it was bad. At least the message was conveyed, be a good boy and caning will be one thing you will regret for your life. We had like 5 in one shot like 2 years back, by the time it reached the third guy i couldnt watch anymore liao. And the worst part is the cane cracked into 2...Dont steal, dont vandalise, dont gang fight. Just be a good boy =P
P.E, ah soccer in MPH = ownage. Although we lost(again) 3-1, not bad lar, at least i get to run about like some mad person. Once a week is enough, must exercise self control. I want to do normal NS and not get downgraded or something, though MDC looks fun to me.
Now left with chem test to worry about. Adv. Maths teacher told me i failed a calculator test. Seriously hope he's lying cus it's sort of easy, and that teacher always joke de. There was a briefing on some NTU enginnering course. so many photos on my hostel when it went to the "living in NTU" segment. Quite sad never feature my handsome face inside =) Best part is that guy actually know me, but i never go and say hi cus i didnt want to be extra. Nvm. 2 more months to the end of end of year exam. Time, please seriously start to fly..


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