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Thursday, August 31, 2006


I've been exploring the Mahler symphonies. Now at No.2. It all started when I told someone Mahler symphonies were depressing, and I realised that I hadnt listened to any of them seriously. Sadly, theres hardly time now to sit down and listen to those gargantuan works for 70 minutes at a go.

Backtrack: Braddell Heights Symphony last sunday was good. Its not a perfect orchestra but it tries its best. We at AC phil sure understand that! Debussy was ok. The Bruch was quite messy. Don't really blame HoeYeong though. It's a killer with lots of double-stops and runs and weird keys! >.< And i thought the Mahler was quite fantastic! It was an experience, sitting in the first row, with the extremely expanded woodwind and brass section roaring in unison. As said, the mistakes and technical problems were made up for by the excitement and intensity of the performance.

Musical musings aside, it was fun! Going for dinner with debbyoyah, hanging around with friends, watching your viola teacher in action... During Mahler Dr. Yeo accidentally came in col legno when it was supposed to be pizzicato and made a big OOPS face. He talked his way out of it by saying he had only ONE rehearsal and that if he had gone for two he would be perfect! hahaha.

Anyway, October - November is exciting for concert-goers. BBC Symphony, St. Petersburg Philharmonic, SSO pops, SSO brahms violin concerto etc... yeah.


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