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Monday, August 28, 2006

maybe i should.

Sam's mum came to speak to the school today. I expected an alpha-female of her, just like my mum is (in some sense). After all, she is the first female working in the Prime Minister's Office.

But everyone has a soft side. She started speaking on why and how the book came about. Her voice was getting shaky, especially so as she described how sam received a second blow when he was told that chemotherapy wasn't working. Maybe she had tears in her eyes; because i had them in mine.

I truly emphatised with how she felt; i mean, i have walked a similar path. I know what it's like going to the hospital during the september holidays, bringing your homework with you, doing history notes as u accompany ur loved one. Or tolerating the occasional lashes of anger and frustration as both of us grew up. Or praying so hard that God will spare his life, while not having much idea of what is happening. And as she made her short speech, these memories flashed across my mind...and so i had tears in my eyes.

But i will not cry them now; because she has inspired me to think like how she does - that everything that has happened and will happen only shows us God's great love towards us. It is His mercy that brought her son through, and it is this same mercy that brought me through. It will be the same mercy - the infinite and immeasurable one - that will bring u through too, if only u will let Him.

And so i didnt shed those tears; because i felt the peace that the reporter couldn't understand.

She returned to her seat in response to a resounding applause. She's one brave woman.

Maybe i should write about it someday.


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