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Monday, August 28, 2006

MEP Practical

To Oliver: Rarely see you post 2 at one go. But thats not the point. Friends are just friends, no point thinking other meanings for this word. Instead, we should just use the primary school definition of the word "friend". say this: "a person who is on good terms with another", or this: "a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard."
Come to think about it, nowadays many people tend to read between the lines or just simply try to find hidden meanings in between the stuff that i do, the things i say and so on. Maybe im over sensitive, but I think my language isnt that powerful to write or say something that has a hidden meaning behind it. So just think straight, think normally, like some 12 year old kid and not try to be some extraodinary detective. The application form for committee 2007, please do the above. Thanks.
While others are sweating in front of their piano's, i'm here blogging. haha. MEP prelims practical is tomorrow. Maybe ame was right, just think positive and leave the rest in God's hands. I played through those pieces many times already, and each time they are fine. So, let's just see how it goes tomorrow. To ame, Cavatina first before kabalevsky. and you can leave your lesson at 3 onwards, but try your best to come by 3.20 so we can fun through it at least once.. Thanks. Hope your teacher understand what i am talking about in the excuse letter =)
I have not been scoring goals lately in soccer. LoL, and luckily we didnt lose for the 5th consecutive time. MPH is really fun, and stuffy, and time consuming when people like Zhi Zhuang, Jason and Ying hao kicking the ball to milky way number 410=P (haha ame) Next term swimming, no more fun already.
I better go do some final touch up. With Oli and ame owning ABRSM exams, i think its time i do something to some MEP practical exam.. HEHE


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